Technical Support

We have back-to-back support and assigned support personnel from the manufacturers we deal with to ensure all request are handled on priority basis.

Logistics Support

We have in-house procurement team working closely with our partners and manufacturers to ensure demand planning is carried out in a professional manner.

Identifying Trends

We do in-house research on the developments in Integrated AV, Control, and IT industry. Our research comes from various sources such as manufacturers, industry professionals, etc.

Training Programs

We ensure all our partners are trained in the technologies we carry so they could easily & independently provide Solutions, Demonstrations & perform After Sales Support to their clients.

Acceptability Analysis

We do a comprehensive feasibility study on the products we intend to carry & offer our channel partners. We also see the value of the technology in terms or features and pricing.

Increasing Visibility

We have an in-house Marketing team whose core role is to increase awareness of our brands to the end user through Off-line, Online Marketing, Social Media, Trade / Road shows, etc.

What we know about our Partners?

Through our Unique Partner's Program, we know to safeguard your investment and environment with our 24/7 vision to grow big.

Flawless Operation

Our partners will master the usage of our products and would be willing to have extended training on flawless operation of technology as an end-users.

Demand Protection

Our partners will demand for protection against any complaints or trouble that arise at the time of Sales or After Sales Support with regards to anything related to technology.

Demand more Brands

Our partners will want us to provide them with more products so they can increase their offerings and increasing & developing their business standards & volume.

Face the Competittion

Our partners are those who want to challenge the big players with unique offerings. They also want to make sure that our technology will surprise the end-users with its quality & usability.

Retain Quality

Our partners are those who like to make margins by supplying quality products with unique features that are valued by the end users.

Responsible towards Society

Our Partners strive to bring environment-friendly technology that benefit the end-users & being responsible towards environment and future.

Core Competencies

Pick, Box & Transport

At Granteq Distribution we have relations with over 40 logistics providers around the world; enabling us to get products to our partners in the most cost effective and timely manner.

Technical Aptitude

We take pride in achieving technical specialization in each and every product that we carry. This helps us provide focused approach and professional services for different verticals.

Partner's Development

We increase the value of our vendors by preparing them to sell solutions instead of just moving boxes. Partner enablement includes business planning, vendor education and readiness, providing technical and commercial materials, and continuously creating awareness about trends and providing new solutions to meet those trends.

Levels of Support

Technical Support 90%
Logistics Support 85%
Marketing 75%
Training 80%
Identifying Trends 70%

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to fulfill specific identified needs of end users in Middle East & Africa region by providing innovative & transformed solutions through our strong, motivated, and trained local channel partners.

We intend to bring to the Middle East & Africa region innovative solutions that specialize in fulfilling specific identified needs and to bring solutions that transform the entire segment in which they operate.

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