Teachers on the front lines in the classrooms know that a life working to shepherd and inspire diverse groups of young people is a daily drama with high stakes.
Every day there are small, powerful stories unfolding, as many human tales as there are students. Each is different and equally important.

This reality was driven home last year for Lightspeed during the final development phase of in-school pilot programs for the 2014 launch of our product Flexcat. They toured the country to visit classrooms where the small-group audio solution was being used by teachers and students. It was then we saw and heard stories that we simply could not get out of our minds.

Daily Classroom Success Stories

They were privileged to hear and see repeatedly stories of teachers and students – from the Louisiana bayou to a suburb of Minneapolis, from a growing community of Kansas to a remote-but-innovative school in rural Wyoming. We witnessed dozens of small, daily successes, where teachers and students, backed by caring principals and other astute administrators — rose daily to the challenges of education in modern-day America.

There are the stories that don’t grab headlines. But they change lives.

Because Lightspeed had done brief interviews with educators about their experiences while we are on the road, we had a permanent record of the daily successes we saw and heard, and deeper insight into the creative methods used and insights gleaned by educators.

So, based on true stories, our teacher is faced with helping a child who is painfully shy and helps that student gain confidence. The insights the teacher gains from “listening in” enlighten him to our student’s leadership skills and knowledge that only come through in the comfort of her small peer group. With this new perspective on the student the teacher is able to help our student gain confidence.

“Being There For Them” Video along with this Blog is a is a real-life high school dramatization. In it, a teacher struggles with her need to manage the class and her desire for her kids to take responsibility for their own learning through debate, collaboration and ultimately sharing their results with the entire class.

At Lightspeed, are very proud of the daily successes that educators and students achieve every day in classrooms, without ever getting wide public recognition for their important work.

I hope you enjoyed one of this story and feel as we do that this work going on in the schools deserves to be remembered and celebrated for what it is: evidence of today’s daily success stories that will bring success for our children in the future.

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