Go Digital With The Trend!

Over the last few years, Middle East has seen a growing number of corporates use digital signage in their businesses to support customers in verticals that range from healthcare to education, retail to professional services. What started out as a niche market, with a couple hundred companies, has grown into a multi-million dollar mainstream technology category for thousands of channel partners.

We all are living in a transformation era and there has indeed been a major transition from the information age in to the age of digital signage. This phenomenal growth is further taken forward by many initiatives across all verticals in Middle East, such as the SMART governance as well as SMART learning emphasis, BYOD, Big Data to name a few. Similarly, today this region’s method of increasing footfall in malls & doing business advertisements majorly relies on digital signage solutions. Restaurants encourage customers to select their choice of food on tablets, doctors monitor patient’s progress using interactive display screens, retailers have devised interactive mall directories, corporate use the latest 3D presentation and conferencing solutions. All this clearly indicates the pro active techniques adopted by each industry segment in the region, which pushes re-sellers to ensure adequate focus is given towards digital signage solutions.

Company like Granteq Distribution plays a key role in bringing unique and innovative technologies to the Middle East, India & Africa (MEA) market. Granteq Distribution deploy these technologies through our strong local channel partners for the benefit of end users. Granteq Distribution’s range of solutions provide video collaboration (video conferencing & telepresence), digital media (signage / billboards etc), advanced visualization (experience centers), command & control (video walls network operating centers), intelligent buildings (lighting, access control, security) , video displays (interactive LED’s, projectors & screens, professional monitors & normal displays), audio systems (classroom, background music, public address systems) , broadcasts & studios (lighting).

Thus Digital Signage displays is a new innovation that is getting popular due to its immense flexibility and connectivity. We bring our efforts to combine immersive technology like digital signages to collaborate with the range of solutions catering to the various industries.


Celebrating the Daily Drama of Education

Teachers on the front lines in the classrooms know that a life working to shepherd and inspire diverse groups of young people is a daily drama with high stakes.
Every day there are small, powerful stories unfolding, as many human tales as there are students. Each is different and equally important.

This reality was driven home last year for Lightspeed during the final development phase of in-school pilot programs for the 2014 launch of our product Flexcat. They toured the country to visit classrooms where the small-group audio solution was being used by teachers and students. It was then we saw and heard stories that we simply could not get out of our minds.

Daily Classroom Success Stories

They were privileged to hear and see repeatedly stories of teachers and students – from the Louisiana bayou to a suburb of Minneapolis, from a growing community of Kansas to a remote-but-innovative school in rural Wyoming. We witnessed dozens of small, daily successes, where teachers and students, backed by caring principals and other astute administrators — rose daily to the challenges of education in modern-day America.

There are the stories that don’t grab headlines. But they change lives.

Because Lightspeed had done brief interviews with educators about their experiences while we are on the road, we had a permanent record of the daily successes we saw and heard, and deeper insight into the creative methods used and insights gleaned by educators.

So, based on true stories, our teacher is faced with helping a child who is painfully shy and helps that student gain confidence. The insights the teacher gains from “listening in” enlighten him to our student’s leadership skills and knowledge that only come through in the comfort of her small peer group. With this new perspective on the student the teacher is able to help our student gain confidence.

“Being There For Them” Video along with this Blog is a is a real-life high school dramatization. In it, a teacher struggles with her need to manage the class and her desire for her kids to take responsibility for their own learning through debate, collaboration and ultimately sharing their results with the entire class.

At Lightspeed, are very proud of the daily successes that educators and students achieve every day in classrooms, without ever getting wide public recognition for their important work.

I hope you enjoyed one of this story and feel as we do that this work going on in the schools deserves to be remembered and celebrated for what it is: evidence of today’s daily success stories that will bring success for our children in the future.

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How to setup your Personal Home Theatre

Setting up a proper home theater doesn’t have to be terribly expensive or complicated. If you’re still watching TV on a tiny screen and crappy speakers, it’s time to upgrade. Here’s how to set up your first real home theater.

There are a few basic components to any home theater setup. In this case, when we say “home theater,” we’re not talking about putting a full movie theater in your home—though we’veshown you how to do that before—we’re just describing what your home entertainment system will be like when you’re finished: multiple devices, an awesome basic Qumi Q7 Projector, great speakers, all working together in harmony.

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VidyoH2O for Google+ Hangouts is a WebRTC Product

In August of 2013, Vidyo announced that they were developing a Scalable Video Coding (SVC) extension for VP9 and WebRTC. Today they are announcing a software-based interoperability solution called VidyoH2O™ for Google+ Hangouts that connects existing business voice and video solutions to Google+ Hangout sessions. This is the first of an expected series of innovative solutions resulting from the collaboration with Google.

VidyoH2O for Google+ Hangouts will extend usability for Google+ Hangouts users by allowing connectivity with H.323/SIP video conferencing and IP PBX systems from Avaya, Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom and Vidyo, and will be offered on a subscription basis both on-prem and as a cloud-hosted offering. “H2O” is short for “Hangouts 2 Others” and enables Hangouts interoperability with installed enterprise solutions. Vidyo-H2O-Graphic1-1024x518


let me explain how VidyoH2O for Google+ Hangouts fits into our strategy:

Vidyo’s patented VidyoRouter leverages Scalable Video Coding (SVC), which is recognized by most industry players as the way to deliver a great video conferencing experience over the Internet. The VidyoRouter enables better error resilience and allows an optimized experience for multi-user video calls. WebRTC provides the ability to participate in video calls without a separate client or plug-in installation. With a scalable extension WebRTC will give Web developers who are using the VidyoRouter access to even better video quality coupled with the no-install advantage.

As Vidyo’s chief scientist, wrote in an earlier blog post, an inherent benefit of the WebRTC architecture and our collaboration with Google, is that developers will be able to use the scalable coding extensions of VP9 without significant changes to their client code and, additionally, benefit from the power of the VidyoRouter to drive high quality novel applications at large enterprise and service provider scale.  Chrome is expected to be the first browser to support the scalable version of WebRTC.

For many years the quality of video communications was not in line with user expectations and the high cost to deploy and manage these solutions resulted in limited deployments and form factors, low usage and highly structured interactions. The VidyoRouter architecture changed this paradigm with its ability to deliver easy to use, reservation-less, HD multiparty video calls over the Internet with the collaboration features of Web conferencing, all for the price of a phone call.

The VidyoWorks platform has become the platform of choice for organizations that want to achieve scale, quality, and custom/integrated solutions.  WebRTC adds a lot of great connectivity options in these environments.  VidyoH2O for Google+ Hangouts is the first in a line of products that will enable the inclusion of WebRTC in the Vidyo environment.

Imagine the applications that can be developed to offer an affordable, high-quality human interaction in a world in which the “Internet of Things” is central to all of our lives.

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